Tirano, a crossroads of culture between Italy and Switzerland, is one of the treasures of Valtellina: an art city full of ancient palaces and churches, enclosed in the city walls of Ludovico il Moro, and listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site as starting point of the spectacular Bernina Red Train.

    Strolling in the Tirano old town, one can breathe nobility and culture among narrow streets, small squares and fountains that embellish one of the richest historical centers in the Alps. The 17th century old Salis Palace and its museum stands out for preciousness next to many others not less charming.
    In the most beautiful Renaissance building in Valtellina, the Basilica of the Madonna di Tirano, one is immerged in art and music, accompanied by faith, whilst being guided by the layout of a tree-lined avenue. In the Basilica square, the Ethnographic Museum narrates the rural roots of the city, while from a rock spur overhead, the little church of St. Perpetua, witnesses the millennial ways crossing the Alps.
    Set in a natural landscape of terraced with heroic vineyards and apple orchards, Tirano offers its natural products served in many restaurants: from the Sforzato Docg, the pearl of the Valtellina wines, to the apples with the most intense and delicate perfume, and the culinary specialties that combine tradition and innovation. Here is a territory to discover and visit, even by bike with the? Valtellina Rent a Bike? service.
    This is Tirano, a Città Slow of the good living, it is a crossroads of beauty.

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